katharina llambi instagram

katharina llambi instagram
katharina llambi instagram

katharina llambi instagram.Als knallharter Juror sorgt Joachim Llambi bei „Let’s Dance” immer wieder für Aufsehen.

Nun gerat seine Tochter Katharina Llambi (23) in dem Vordergrund: Die brünette Promi-Tochter ist ein echter Hingucker!

Endlos lange Beine, eine durchtrainierte Figur und ein bestechendes Lacheln – Joachim Llambis Stieftochter Katharina prasentiert sich auf ihrem Instagram-Profil regelmaßig aus ihrer besten Seite. Damit bringt sie ihre rund 3.700 Fans ins Schwarmen.

„Let’s Dance” 2022: Das ist Joachim Llambis schone Tochter

Joachim Llambi has nur Gutes die Instagram-Aktivitaten seiner Tochter zu sagen. Gegenüber „Bunte” verriet er:

„Das Schone ist, dass sie selbst weiß, how viel sie von sich geben und zeigen will!” Auf Instagram zeigt sich die 23-Jahrige regelmaßig im schön Bikini.

Although viewers of RTL are familiar with him from his role as a demanding judge on “Let’s Dance,” very little is known about his personal life.

But now Joachim Llambi is talking about his lovely stepdaughter for the very first time. He tells what he thinks about his stepdaughter’s model images as well as who she is allowed to bring into the house.

She stands at a height of 1.67 meters, is 21 years old, and enjoys posting pictures of herself on Instagram wearing either a nice negligee, a lace top, or a bikini.

There is no doubt that Katharina Llambi is a stunning woman, and her well-known stepfather is well aware of this fact.

According to the judge who served on “Let’s Dance” in the “Bunte” competition, in contrast to the majority of other young women, the daughter of his ex-wife Illona is quite serious.

During a joint interview with his stepdaughter, he and his wife’s daughter, he remarks, “The nice thing is that she knows how much she wants to give and show.”

Katharina asserts that she had to find modeling for herself regardless of the circumstances. She was disappointed to learn that she did not have a chance at becoming a model because she is “just” 1.67 meters tall.

Now, however, she is employed by an organization, and her official ” sed card ” reveals that she not only scores with measures of 81-61-89, but also with her cup size being a D.

He made a big deal out of the fact that he brought his daughter Katharina to her first red carpet event with him.

He has a lot of reason to be proud of her. You have the ability to enter several e-mail addresses by separating them with commas.

In a more upbeat and optimistic sense. Joachim Llambi, a judge on “Let’s Dance,” made an appearance at the film premiere of “Wendy 2” with a really attractive partner.

Joachim Llambi described Germany as “the biggest dunghill.” I can talk to him about anything, and he will give me his honest opinion.

More on that topic can be found in our article titled “So.” Also, as Katharina says, Llambi is not as stringent about privacy when it comes to dealing with the notable dancers in the RTL hit show.

Nobody can show you the reality in such a straightforward manner as I can. At the very least, not in the manner that the majority of Let’s Dance fans envision.

Daughter Katharina, who is 18 years old, is delighted to accompany her mother, who is 54. I give my permission for content from the third-party platform Glomex to be displayed to me from the internet.

katharina llambi instagram
katharina llambi instagram

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