Hera lind ehemann

Hera lind ehemann/Hera Lind is a well-known German author and singer who was born Herlind Wartenberg on November 2, 1957 in the city of Bielefeld. She is one of the most popular writers of enjoyable women’s fiction written in German language, and her works, such as A Man for Every Key and Das Superweib, have together sold more than twelve million copies. She also had a career as a host on television.

Hera lind ehemann
Hera lind ehemann
Hera lind ehemann
Hera lind ehemann

Hera Lind is the offspring of both a medical professional and a music educator. After completing her secondary education at the Hans-Ehrenberg School in Bielefeld-Sennestadt, she enrolled at the University of Cologne to study theology and German with the intention of entering the teaching profession. In 1981, she was successful in her first attempt at the state test. She was awarded first place in the federal singing competition in 1979, and she went on to study opera and concert singing at the Cologne University of Music.

She finished her studies there in 1989 by taking and passing the concert test. Additionally, she embarked on concert tours as a vocal soloist and participated as a vocalist in the production of classical music CDs. Her tenure as a permanent member of the broadcast choir of the West German Radio began in 1982 and lasted for a total of sixteen years.

In 2002, she tied the knot. She is the mother of four children with her ex-partner Ulrich Heidenreich: Florian (26) and Felix (29) were raised by their father, while Hera Lind is responsible for the upbringing of Fritzi (20) and Franzi (21). Difficult circumstances, particularly for the youngsters. However, the story has a happy ending since it is now apparent from the interview that the family is closer than they have ever been.

They believe that you were blinded by love, much like the character that you wrote about in your work “My Husband, His Women, and I.”

From the outside, it may seem like this. However, the lady has found her happiness. She did not err in her assessment of his personality. Just like me. I was also correct in my assessment of my hubby. We have been blissful for the last 17 years together. So it turns out I wasn’t blind. But maybe more perceptive than the rest of the people who were unwilling to give our relationship a chance!

The Abandoned issues a cautionary note to the smitten best-selling novelist. “Your prince from a fairy tale will very soon be shown to be a baron of falsehoods.” However, she feels no compassion for 42-year-old Hera Lind.

“This mother has the well-being of two households to consider. According to what she says in “Bunte,” six kids had to pay the price for their parents’ drinking. And, “She is emotionally numb and all she cares about is making money and being famous.” Gill Lainer has written a tell-all book titled “The Titanic Man” in which she aims to convey her perspective on the current state of affairs.

She strongly recommends that Hera Lind read it before Hera Lind and Engelbert exchange their wedding vows. The War of the Roses is not a performance for Gill Lainer and her two children, and the book itself is not an act of retaliation against anybody. Gill: “I don’t have nannies and millions of dollars in the bank as Hera Lind does. It comes down to a matter of surviving for the three of us.” According to a cheque for one hundred thousand marks that Hera Lind’s manager is claimed to have issued her,

Hera lind ehemann

Hera Lind war zum Zeitpunkt der Geburt ihrer vier Kinder in einer festen Beziehung zu Dr. Ulrich Heidenreich. Im Jahr 2000 ließ sich das Paar scheiden. Hera Lind hat vier Kinder mit ihrem ehemaligen Partner, dem Arzt Ulrich Heidenreich, mit dem sie eine Liebesbeziehung hatte. Im Jahr 2000 beschloss das Paar, sich zu trennen. Heute lebt sie mit ihrem Mann Engelbert Lainer, der als Hotelfachmann arbeitet, in Salzburg . Das Paar ist seit 2002 verheiratet.

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Wie lange ist Hera Lind verheiratet?

Hera Lind war mit dem Arzt Ulrich Heidenreich liiert, mit dem sie vier Kinder hat. Im Jahr 2000 trennte sich das Paar. Heute lebt sie in Salzburg mit dem Hoteldirektor Engelbert Lainer, mit dem sie seit 2002 verheiratet ist.

Was macht Engelbert Lainer?

Engelbert Lainer, „Traumschiffkapitän“ und Ehemann der Bestsellerautorin Hera Lind, betreibt heute das Sissi-Schloss am Fuschlsee. Als er im vergangenen Herbst sein Amt als Direktor von Schloss Fuschl antrat, war Franz Zimmermann noch von einer „edlen Perle“ begeistert.

Wo wohnt Hera Lind in Salzburg?

Hera Lind lebt mit ihrem Mann in der Salzburger Altstadt und gibt neben ihrer schriftstellerischen Tätigkeit auch Schreibseminare in ihrer Romanwerkstatt.

Hera lind ehemann

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