Sükrü pehlivan ehefrau

sükrü pehlivan ehefrau/Sükrü Pehlivan, a previous “Let’s Dance” contestant, is clearly at ease on camera. He was raised in Mönchengladbach and has been hosting shows like “Der Trödeltrupp” and “Die Superhändler” for almost a decade.

But where does he hide when no one is looking? What would you call his personal space? Are there any family members, such as a wife and children, who live with him?

Sükrü pehlivan ehefrau
Sükrü pehlivan ehefrau

As a youngster, Sükrü Pehlivan (48) sold toys and other items at flea markets to help supplement his meager earnings for school and other expenses.

Later on, he made a career out of his interest in antiques and began dealing in them. It was in 2003 that Pehlivan founded Germany’s first eBay sales agency, and since 2010 has been operating a gold purchasing firm named “Goldbuben.”

Sükrü Pehlivan began his television career in this manner.

In the course of pursuing what he loved as a career, he ended himself on television: At RTL2 and Kabel-Eins, Pehlivan has appeared as a presenter and expert.

In 2005, he appeared on “Hunters of hidden riches – am I rich?” “Der Trödeltrupp” has been on the air since 2009, and he’s been hosting RTL’s “Die Superhändler” since 2018.

Sükrü Pehlivan was born in Turkey and grew up in North Rhine-Westphalia, where he was raised.

The city of Mönchengladbach, where Pehlivan was born in 1972, would not be his home for long. At six months old, the family of Turkish descent relocated to Sivas, Turkey, before moving to Istanbul, Turkey.

But he returned to Mönchengladbach when he was seven years old, where the moderator now lives and operates his store.

He was born in Mönchengladbach, where he has been moderating shows like “Der Trödeltrupp” and “Die Superhändler” for more than a decade.

He can’t live off the cameras, however, can he? What is the climate like in his home? If so, how many children does he have.

Sükrü Pehlivan (48) began selling toys and other stuff at flea markets as a kid. As a pawnbroker, he eventually converted his pastime into a job. Founded in 2010, Goldbuben, Pehlivan’s gold purchasing firm, is the country’s first eBay sales agency.

Her husband Sükrü Pehlivan’s TV career started this way.

He was able to make a living out of what had once been a hobby and is now a career in television. Raiders of the Forgotten Treasures: Am I Rich? was hosted and surveyed by Pehlivan in 2005.

“Clean up your life” was a 2008 RTL2 campaign theme. In the past, Pehlivan has also featured on cable TV. On RTL since 2009, he has hosted “Der Trödeltrupp” and “Die Superhändler” as the hosts.

As a kid, Sükrü Pehlivan lived in both Turkey and Germany. While Pehlivan was born and raised in Mönchengladbach, his time there was brief.

To Sivas and subsequently Istanbul, the Turkish family brought him as a six-month-old baby in their arms.

Sükrü Pehlivan, a previous participant on “Let’s Dance,” looks to be having a good time while watching television.

“Der Trödeltrupp,” “Die Superhändler,” and other Mönchengladbach-born shows have featured him for the last 10 years.

When the cameras aren’t rolling, how does he manage to go about his day-to-day activities? What is the climate like in his home? Are there any family members, such as a wife and children, who live with him?

After struggling since he was a youngster to make ends meet, Sükrü Pehlivan, 48, has been selling toys at flea markets ever since.

Later on, he made a career out of his interest in antiques by working as a dealer. Founded Germany’s first eBay sales agency in 2003, Pehlivan has been operating a gold-buying company since 2010.

He was able to get into the entertainment world because of his love of music. As part of RTL2’s “Clean Up Your Life” series, Pehlivan served as a presenter and analyst for the 2005 cable premiere “Stalkers of Forgotten Treasures – Am I Rich?”.

For the last seven years, he has hosted RTL’s “Der Trödeltrupp” and “Die Superhändler.”

Seyyed Pehlivan Childhood in Turkey and North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, as well as a brief stint in Turkey Mönchengladbach, where Pehlivan was born in 1972, would not remain his permanent home for long.

Sükrü pehlivan ehefrau
Sükrü pehlivan ehefrau

His Turkish-speaking parents took him first to Sivas, then to Istanbul when he was six months old. Nevertheless, when he was seven, the family returned to Mönchengladbach, where the presenter currently resides and operates his store.

Sükrü Pehlivan, who used to sell his heirlooms at the flea market as a kid, now prefers to look for them on TV.

He’s born a negotiator, but what about his other attributes? In the year 2020, “The Super Dealer” danced on “Let’s Dance.”

As well as his passionate garbage followers, he could also count on the support of his wife and children. His personal life is hardly discussed. What is Sükrü Pehlivan’s life like when he isn’t in the news?

This is how Sükrü Pehlivan was able to amass so much wealth with the money he earned as a kid.

Sükrü Pehlivan was born in Mönchengladbach, but had to relocate often as a child. He was six months old when his family relocated to Sivas, Turkey, then to Istanbul, Turkey, before returning to his home Germany at the age of seven.

After graduating from high school, he went to work there as an IT expert trainee. Sükrü Pehlivan had an interest in slacking off as a kid.

The boy of a Turkish-German extended family sold his homemade toys at flea fairs to supplement his little pocket money.

He’s now making a living off of what was once just a pastime for him. In the year 2003, he launched the first online eBay sales agency.

Kabel Eins was aware of the attractive trash expert as early as 2005, and gave him his first spot with “Hunters of hidden treasures – Am I rich?” in 2005.

Besides his gold and diamond company in Mönchengladbach, Sükrü has been the proud proprietor of that firm since 2010.

As a result, he was able to get two high-paying positions at the same time because to his ability to enthrall the public on television.

As a “super dealer” for RTL since 2018, Sükrü Pehlivan has been a member of the “Trödeltrupp” team since 2009.

Sükrü Pehlivan keeps his personal life a well guarded secret. The moderator, on the other hand, is known to have a family of his own. Let us show you the wife of Sükrü Pehlivan.

Sükrü Pehlivan (47) became a household name because to television shows such as “Der Trödeltrupp” and “Die Superhändler”.

In the current season of “Let’s Dance,” the 47-year-old wants to give it another go. However, how does it seem to the moderator in private?

Ürü Pehlivan posts a picture of himself and his stunning bride-to-be

The moderator is ecstatic with their newfound status. Sükrü Pehlivan is married to a stunning woman who sometimes posts images of her on Instagram. “Super dealer” uploaded a picture of himself and his wife on Christmas Day:

Seine Familie zog nach Sivas, Türkei, dann nach Istanbul, Türkei, bevor er im Alter von sieben Jahren in seine Heimat Deutschland zurückkehrte.

Nach dem Abitur arbeitete er dort als Azubi zum Fachinformatiker. Sükrü Pehlivan hatte schon als Kind Interesse daran, nachzulassen.

Der Junge einer türkisch-deutschen Großfamilie verkaufte sein selbstgebasteltes Spielzeug auf Flohmärkten, um sein kleines Taschengeld aufzubessern.

Sükrü pehlivan ehefrau
Sükrü pehlivan ehefrau

Heute lebt er davon, was für ihn einst nur ein Zeitvertreib war. Im Jahr 2003 startete er die erste Online-Ebay-Verkaufsagentur.

Bereits 2005 wurde Kabel Eins auf den attraktiven Trash-Experten aufmerksam und verschaffte ihm mit „Jäger verborgener Schätze – Bin ich reich?“ seinen ersten Spot.

im Jahr 2005. Neben seiner Gold- und Diamantenfirma in Mönchengladbach ist Sükrü seit 2010 stolzer Inhaber dieser Firma.

Dadurch konnte er aufgrund seiner Fähigkeit, die Öffentlichkeit zu begeistern, gleichzeitig zwei hochbezahlte Positionen erhalten im Fernsehen.

Als „Superdealer“ für RTL seit 2018 gehört Sükrü Pehlivan seit 2009 zum „Trödeltrupp“-Team.

Sükrü Pehlivan hält sein Privatleben für ein gut gehütetes Geheimnis. Der Moderator hingegen hat bekanntermaßen eine eigene Familie. Lassen Sie uns Ihnen die Frau von Sükrü Pehlivan zeigen.

Sükrü Pehlivan (47) wurde durch Fernsehsendungen wie „Der Trödeltrupp“ und „Die Superhändler“ ein Begriff.

In der aktuellen Staffel von “Let’s Dance” will der 47-Jährige es noch einmal versuchen. Doch wie kommt es dem Moderator privat vor?

Ürü Pehlivan postet ein Bild von sich und seiner umwerfenden zukünftigen Braut

Der Moderator ist begeistert von ihrem neu entdeckten Status. Sükrü Pehlivan ist mit einer atemberaubenden Frau verheiratet, die manchmal Bilder von ihr auf Instagram postet.

„Superdealer“ hat am Weihnachtstag ein Bild von sich und seiner Frau hochgeladen:

Sükrü pehlivan ehefrau

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